Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!

This is my favorite sport at the moment! Every time I see the broom aka " The Sweeper" I crawl after it as fast as I can until it stops. Then I get someone to help me on and then away I go!!!!!!!! It Totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You should try it sometime!

Hey guys!

Hey you all!!!!!!! I'm Drivin!!!!!!

I thought the steering wheel tasted pretty good!
What? Yes of course I know how to drive! Do I look THAT young?

Anyone hiding?

This is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!

What? you say I'm adorable?

Got it!!!!!!!
Me sisters think I'm so cute when I sleep like this. What ever!

I'm actually starting to try walking! Ya.....I know I'm only 10 months but I like to try the impossible.

Also I will post a video of me enjoying riding our sweeper this week!

Blake Hunter

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Water Slide Fun!!!!!!

I had a blast today! Papa surprised us with a huge water slide! I got to play on it! I will add more pictures later but My sisters thought I was just to I will upload just one......(:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Look how much I have grown!

My sister Emelie always gets me to smile!

No need for an explanation.......

I am learning to crawl!

I kept trying to pull it the hat off.......but they would not let I just contented myself with making faces at the camera.
She took a picture of me when I was not looking!

Oh ya

Ya, They like to turn me into a fashion model all the time. I just laugh!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me and my big brother Chase!

My big brother teaches me lots of fun stuff all the time! Some times he reads my books, teaches me how to make faces, and makes me giggle a lot! We have the best times together! My oldest sister Emelie took this picture of me and Chase last week! She actually got us both to smile!

Blake Hunter

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hi, My name is Blake Hunter and I am 6 months old! I hope you enjoy reading of my many new adventures in this awesome place my family calls home! I really like to splash around in any water I can get into! And I like to laugh at my older brother and sisters! They do the weirdest stuff to make me laugh! Anyway I hope you enjoy reading about all the wonderful things I am discovering and learning!

Bye for now! 

Blake Hunter