Wednesday, February 20, 2013


This morning while my older sister cut and washed some strawberries for breakfast I snacked on some raisins and dried banana chips!

My mouth was a little full.
Freshly cut and washed strawberries....yes that is my hand sneaking into the bowl!

Hello again!

Me watching my brother Chase outside
My Brother Chase being silly outside for me with an old old BB Gun that is so rusty it doesn't work!
Me helping my older sister Emelie and Savannah make granola bars

Then just this weekend I went on a trip!

Just me and my Mama

I liked looking out the window of the airplane!
And when we got there my sweet cousin Arielle played with me
I love my Grandpa
On our way home it was really cold and there was a LOT of snow!
While we were waiting at the airport this nice man showed me some baby flashcards on his phone! My mama snapped a picture.
When we finally arrived home the rest of my family welcomed me home with hugs and kisses (there was a lot of those!) And then we went out to eat!
Everyone wanted to make me happy in one way or  other
I was  so humbled by their generosity!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!

This is my favorite sport at the moment! Every time I see the broom aka " The Sweeper" I crawl after it as fast as I can until it stops. Then I get someone to help me on and then away I go!!!!!!!! It Totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You should try it sometime!

Hey guys!

Hey you all!!!!!!! I'm Drivin!!!!!!

I thought the steering wheel tasted pretty good!
What? Yes of course I know how to drive! Do I look THAT young?

Anyone hiding?

This is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!

What? you say I'm adorable?

Got it!!!!!!!
Me sisters think I'm so cute when I sleep like this. What ever!

I'm actually starting to try walking! Ya.....I know I'm only 10 months but I like to try the impossible.

Also I will post a video of me enjoying riding our sweeper this week!

Blake Hunter

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Water Slide Fun!!!!!!

I had a blast today! Papa surprised us with a huge water slide! I got to play on it! I will add more pictures later but My sisters thought I was just to I will upload just one......(:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Look how much I have grown!

My sister Emelie always gets me to smile!

No need for an explanation.......

I am learning to crawl!

I kept trying to pull it the hat off.......but they would not let I just contented myself with making faces at the camera.
She took a picture of me when I was not looking!

Oh ya

Ya, They like to turn me into a fashion model all the time. I just laugh!